Life is a tragedy when seen in close-up, but a comedy in long-shot. - Charlie Chaplin

Thursday, October 11, 2012

C'est Moi!

Here I am.  I kept putting posting again off for a good while, nearly a year.  Coincidentally my son just turned a year recently.  Funny how that all works.

There are a few facilitators to bringing me back to finally sit and write again. 

One - I'm feeling "out of it" today, allergies mostly; ya go one day without allergy meds and the next day it's like the first day you've ever experienced allergies.  So, I'm starting slower than usual, kinda made myself considering how fast-paced the days have been lately. 

Two - My aforementioned son's turning one.  It struck me that to put anything off will mean that another year will fly by, or two years, or three and I'll look back and say "Shit, why didn't I 'this' or 'that'?!  I really wish I had!". 

Three -  My grandmother.  She was hospitalized this past Tuesday.

Four - All three of the above are linked.  I'm fussing over feeling bad now but when I'm 87, maybe from a hospital bed, might think or say, "What was a complaining about at 30?  A sniffle, a cough?  Why didn't I tough through that and DO something?".  Maybe it'll be when I'm 55 or 60.  Maybe it will be Monday, after something unpredictably horrible happens to me on Sunday. 

So, now I want to write about my grandmother.  Out of respect to her however, I'll end this post and begin another with a different title. 

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