Life is a tragedy when seen in close-up, but a comedy in long-shot. - Charlie Chaplin

Friday, June 3, 2011

plain hard to get

Well, I'm pretty sure "routine" is killing me slowly.  While each day tends to bring something different, there are elements that make one feel like the one before it and the one before that.  If not for weekends and vacation, rountine would truly make time stand still.  Repetition within routine is worse; luckily I can't say repetition plays a part in my every day routine.

I've had the hardest time lately accepting that the average human (I'm thinking in terms of the average citizen of the US type of human) was meant only to work, make money, spend money to live, have a family that you need more money for, retire (not so much of this anymore!), then die.  The line "it's a living" bugs the crap out of me.  You go to work the same time and leave the same time and eat lunch at the same time every day.  How societies formed around this idea and not one based on the quality of life people are living is a crying shame.

It was after college, at 22, that I was sent out into "the real world" to obtain work, sent on my path to reach the promised land built around "retirement age".  At this point I'm feeling more confident I'll see a unicorn then a social security, medicare or medicaid check; maybe I will if I'm on the right meds.

From the many, many stories I've heard and things I've witnessed the people most in-line with being able to sit back and just live are those with "problems".  Those people who society has judged unable to function in our society.  I've always wondered what type of place it would be if "normal" meant being autistic or having Downes Syndrome or a nervous tick, stutter or learning disability.  Personally I think it'd be a happier place.  As in my most recent post, we've maybe this world into a mess.  "Smart people" created all of these things that are helping to destroy ourselves.  Makes ya think, doesn't it?

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