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Friday, May 6, 2011

of baby names and Target

I haven't put it into this blog yet, but in a few more months, if all goes well, I'll be a dad.  I know, I know, don't think that way, "if all goes well", but c'mon I'd be a fool to not have a minute piece of doom and gloom and worry and a dash of anxiety during my wife's pregnancy - and no "We're" not pregnant, SHE is, I did my part.

Anyway, now, no matter where or when, just like when you get a new car, I see baby stuff everywhere, creeping into nearly every hour of every day, hitting like an eighteen-wheeler filled with stretchy pants, monkeys, trains, tiny shoes and the smell of plastic and powder.  Today, Yahoo has a "Top 10 Baby Names" article, if you wanna call it an "article".  I resisted clicking the link, but did it anyway, curious to see if any of the names we're considering we on it.  They were not. 

Part of me is thinking, "Haha! We beat the system!  We went against the grain of American society!  Our kid won't look back at the age of 20 and know their name was one of the most common of 2011! (Unlike mine, which was in 1981)

The other part of me is saying, "Who cares?!  Snap out of it man!  It's a list of names based on someones research, who clearly has a great job to have to get to do that for a living.  Plus, it's kind of a marketing ploy for Yahoo."

But, lately I've found needing to enjoy any small victory I can get, so I'm taking this one and running.  There's too much junk going on around me that I can't relish a morsel of something good. . . besides good food, which I try to make a place for daily.     

"So, what are these 'not on the yahoo top10 list' names?!" you're asking.  Not telling, not yet.  I will say, that my wife and I made an easy agreement to be traditional with the names we choose, look to our family trees for guidance and meaning and not change the spelling in an attempt to be "different".  Nicknames and abbreviations are OK as they age, I mean, why not?  Well, OK, I guess "Chunk" would be a pretty crappy nickname.  

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  1. To be extra, super sure you could check the Social Security Admn website too. They post yearly lists as well. Eagerly awaiting the name (and the baby!) but not too soon of course.
    Ps My name was in the top two for most of the 70s, so I know what you mean. With no internet to guide them, my folks thought they were picking an original name. Apparently so did everyone else. Luckily I like it anyway :)